About Guessip

Guessip is a website mainly for teen girls about fashion, life, and everything else.
Guessip was founded and created by Sophie, who writes about fashion, her life, and her thoughts. She began blogging only a short while ago, but her blog already attracts over two thousand people every day and rising. Upon discovering Rookie, a similar website to Guessip, she got inspired to create something of her own: where not only certain things were put up, but anything. Guessip was created.

Our goal is to make reading things the style again. We’ll do that through our posts, relating the real world with fantasy, and much more. We hope you will enjoy what Guessip has to offer!

-Want more information? We’ll update with more soon! In the mean time, email us:

Instagram: @guessipmag
Twitter: @guessipmag

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