The Gossip

The Gossip is a series of posts about people like you, me, and many others. People who aren’t models, or whose noses were photoshopped. The Gossip features posts about normal, everyday people whose interests we write about. To be featured in The Gossip, follow these steps:
1. Email us at with the title ‘The Gossip’. The email must feature these things:
– your first name (last name is optional)
– your age (this is optional)
– your favorite thing to do
-your favorite fashion article
– your favorite blog
– your favorite piece of clothing
– your inspiration
– what makes you unique? Tell us a little about you.
– pictures of whatever you want. They should be created by you, though this is not mandatory.

-optional: add your website or blog. if you want, you can also put a short description about it that will be displayed.
Thank you for any emails! We will reply to you about whether you will get to be featured on Guessip. If you change your mind, email us and we will not feature you.


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